About the Game Maker

Candy Road is made by Roadkill.

About the Candy Road Game

Go on an epic adventure and flap across the road in this endless arcade flapping game. Flap past more than 180 unique and ruthless vehicles, collect superpowers to DEMOLISH them, and embrace the adrenaline rush of flying through worlds like Mysterious Forest, Hot Desert, Charming Oasis, Bustling City, Winter Wonderland, Fairyland, Candy World, and Donut Kingdom as one of the cute and exotic characters!

Embark on your flying road crossing adventure alone or with friends to see who can get the top score!

Candy Road features:
● Munch away at the delicious candy power-ups: Juicy Jellybean, Crunchy Chocolate, Lip-Smacking Lollipop and more!
● Unlock and play as one of the 50+ delightful and lovable characters
● Collect yummy waffles to catch and unlock a character from the fun UFO claw machine!
● Dodge and weave to avoid cars, trucks, tanks, buses, ice cream truck and other vehicles
● Find hidden characters in game
● Play in the Donut Kingdom and avoid the rolling donuts!
● Collect gifts and waffles from the erupting giftbox
● Post your highscore on the Leaderboard

What else? Play now and find out!
And tell your friends before they tell you!

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Play on iPhone, iPad & Android!

Why do pigs fly?

Why do pigs fly across the road?

Why do pigs fly across the road AND eat candy?